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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 6:31pm-7:01pm EDT

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around. one o'clock in the morning me and friend left to the romania car dealership we went in under cover of darkness we made sure that there were no people around the buildings that were nearby were vacant. and we started a fire that resulted in forty thousand dollars worth of damage to three trucks unfortunately it's taken me to start a fire be found guilty of several different crimes be sentenced to twenty two years before people want to pay attention to things that i had to say or people like me had to say. should i stay here for the duration of my sentence the entire world and life that i've had up to this point will be non-existent twenty one years from now that's hard to swallow.
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since that's real difficult but i can't look back knowing what i know and having what i have in my heart. crew trying made things better this was the longest prison sentence for any environmental an animal rights activist in oregon the average sentence for arson if you're convicted of arson is two years so for jeff to get twenty three years for the same exact crime based on his political beliefs was outrageous and completely unheard of i think that the sentence that the judge imposed was meant to be an extreme deterrent to any other activists who had ever considered this form of economic sabotage as as a sign of their protest. when his appeal was
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finally heard the decision was declared unlawful and the sentence was ruled as unjust after nine and a half years of prison he began his life as a free man at the age of thirty one having spent all of his twenty's in a maximum security prison. prior to going to prison when i used to travel whenever possible i would hop trains and in fact just about a mile about where is where we used to hop out of eugene and we would hide in the bush is the way for a train moving just slightly slower than this. i mean my buddies would load all of our stuff on i'd carry my dog underneath my arm and we'd take the train down to san francisco. that used to be where all the tree sitters from ball creek used to go on
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vacation. we live in a world that's forgotten. how to survive without industry we've forgotten how to be a part of nature and because of that we've lost a piece of ourselves we have a system of government and an economic system that is mathematically impossible the whole theory behind capitalism is infinite expansion infinite growth of profits and
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you can't do that when you live on a planet with finite resources what happens if we don't resist it is. we completely lose our souls whether you're using legal or extra legal tactics to. resist corporate dominance and government oppression and put a stop to climate change those it's justifiable resisting this is justifiable. when nine eleven happened the bush administration could not find any terrorists bin laden was out hiding they couldn't find anyone to bring into the courts of justice so that they could claim we've got terrorists and so in the wake of nine eleven even though all of these crimes occurred prior to nine eleven we all of
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a sudden heard the drums beating of this anti-terrorist montoya and because the feds couldn't find any real terrorists they decided to take these young people who are accused of property sabotage and label them as terrorists my days of direct action are over considered a registered domestic terrorist in this country with file inches the i have no idea how big it is. i can't do the things that you used to do but what i can do is share my story share my experiences and continue to advocate for the world that i want to see and continue to try to create real and meaningful change. today we're announcing the addition of the annual andrus sandiego to the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist list san diego is wanted for his alleged involvement in the bombing of two biotechnology facilities in the san francisco bay area san diego's
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criminal acts of violence were domestic acts of terror planned out and possibly intended to take lives destroy property and create economic hardship for the companies involved the f.b.i. is announcing today a reward of up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars for information leading to the location and arrest of daniel injurious san diego animal rights and environmental extremists remain a significant threat based on the economic damage and widespread nature of this threat. these extremists have been responsible for over one thousand eight hundred criminal acts and more than one hundred ten million dollars in damages. when i tell people that i was thrown in jail for refusing to
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testify at this thing that a grand jury where wasn't even a trial they don't believe me they say no they can't do that that's unconstitutional or that's that's not allowed in this country this is a free country. people say that all the time. so i was in nursing school it was late may two thousand and six and these f.b.i. agents showed up at my door and gave me these papers that said i was subpoenaed to a grand jury. i was targeted because i had a history of environmental activism and but specifically because i do you know how to sociate sions with people who they thought may have been involved
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with crimes and i knew that a grand jury was this court hearing where they're going to ask you ask me all these questions about anything they want to and there was not going to be a judge there and i wouldn't have be able to have a lawyer present and i was pretty sure they were going to ask me about these people and what i knew about them and if i knew any other people who may know them and you know. things along those lines they i think they were investigating the operation back fire investigation the only thing i know is they put gave me showed me a picture of this one person and said do you know this person and at that point i said i'm not cooperating. so they sent me to jail and they ended up keeping me there for six months without being charged with a crime at all
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i still support that everybody who's working on those issues but i for my own mental health i had to step back and take a deep breath and a look at. what was going on around me and rethink what i was doing with my life. operation back far was an attempt by a law enforced numbers of congress working jointly with corporations and corporate
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mystery groups to not only try and stop individuals who are committing these actions but to also make sure that public opinion did not support these organizations and make sure that these movements as a whole were completely destroyed completely destroyed so there's no trace of any kind of resistance no threat to the us economy no threats to cooperate. with us. the real people who are green in this country are the housewives who recycle and the children who plant trees on the weekend with their cub scout troops. and the fathers like me who might buy a hybrid car that's the green you have an at
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a loose confederation of activist groups that are bent on causing damage and violence and destruction in order to get what they want and what they want is a return to nineteenth century agriculture a return to nineteenth century. home building one nine hundred centuries population numbers they want to revert society to the way it used to be. it's a very short sighted way of looking at the world our mission is to talk to the public talk to americans and to educate them about the threats from activists and government and everywhere else are the threats to the food they eat and the choices they make. we have financing from many many ordinary people and also a handful of companies that like what we do and want to see us keep doing it right
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while we don't name them and never. the people behind us are actually some of the largest corporations in the country people like pfizer why a clock so smith kline the national cattlemen's beef association the first commission all these industries and corporations with a vested interest in labeling activists as terrorists in addition to that they're all industries with a lot of financial influence on congress and they've donated heavily to these campaigns they've helped elect many of the same people that they then called upon to label activists as terrorists. lady and gentleman please stand and raise your right hand. each of you solemnly swear the testimony you are
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about to give this up to what it should be the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth so help you god. and eco terrorists seem to want to destroy civilization as we know it in order to save the planet close quote. h.r. forty two thirty nine would expand the reach of the animal enterprise terrorism statute to specifically clude the use of force violence or threats against entities that do business with animal enterprise organizations we need this legislation to enable the police to become proactive in the way they conduct their investigations these people are organized along terrorist cells independently operating and using the internet and emails crime distantly on websites that do not operate within the united states or the united kingdom mr potter property crimes
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are already punishable as so-called animal enterprise terrorism this bill though risk further expanding that sweeping category to include protests boycotts undercover investigations whistle blowing and nonviolent civil disobedience this legislation will add to this climate of fear and distrust and it will force americans to ask themselves is it worth it standing up for my beliefs really worth the risk of being labeled a terrorist. i urge you to reject this bill make sure that the limited anti-terrorism resources are used to protect national security and. not profits we thank you for your cooperation attendance and without objection the stop to it is. the irony of all this eco terrorism legislation and rhetoric is that it's happening at a time when everyone says they're an environmentalist everyone who cares about the
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environment everyone is going green right now you know there is more public support for environmental issues than ever before and these corporations and these politicians understand this very well there is a report by the department of homeland security the talked about the threat of so-called eco terrorism one of the points that they raised in this report was that there is a danger with the growing awareness of environmental issues that mainstream people being becoming radicalized and not only taking a more radical belief system but also acting on those beliefs. i am married to and among our core is currently serving a seven year sentence parsing in spirity. he was involved in property destruction
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for two facilities one of them being a lumber company and one of them being a company that creates genetically modified trees. he was originally facing life in prison. and was seen night ever anniversary i think and i didn't get a call from him which was really strange because he would have definitely called and then i called the prison to find out if anything happened and then of course they could. tell me anything and then later we find out he was moved he was in the process of being moved to. marion illinois it's the southern illinois and he's being moved to a unit called the communication management unit something that actually no one had ever heard about and we didn't know anything about it. so these units pulled what they consider people not necessarily charged with terrorism but somehow
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associated with terrorism which is very big and it could basically mean anything they wanted for me. i lived in new york for nine eleven i experienced that. for me it's the kind of. really difficult to swallow that label being put on him considering i actually do know what. terrorism is and. someone who destroys property. with absolutely zero intention of harming a single human being in my mind is not a terrorist. well president obama's pledge to close guantanamo on the secret overseas cia prisons calls are increasing for him to reexamine the treatment of prisoners detained as part of the so-called war on terror being held inside the united states with little
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public scrutiny of the bush administration open to secretive prisons and indiana and illinois known as communication management units or c m use that are designed to severely restrict personal communication with family members the media and the outside world dozens of muslim men are still being held at the c.m. used as well as other person or some clothing environmental and animal rights activists the government's provided little information about the special prison units a search on the bureau of prisons where. just one document even mentioning the program only a handful of news articles have covered what's been described as a little guantanamo by some of the prisoners. in april of two thousand and ten we filed a lawsuit against the bureau of prisons the attorney general eric holder. director of the bureau of prisons harley and other high level individuals within the bureau
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and we are alleging that the communications management units are unconstitutional but another part of this is really defending activists as they are charged and challenging these new laws as unconstitutional you know the federal government is now attempting to prosecute protesters as terrorists and we need to call attention to this we need to argue about it in court and we also need to educate people educate other social justice activists who may be the next target. for instance in the case of scott in minneapolis minnesota the government attorney in that case actually argued before the court that's got to do with is a known anarchist therefore is a domestic terrorist it was that and that directs is a manner therefore he is a terrorist is that of evidence of the talked about literature that was found in his. books but i'm a goldman about the haymarket murders and. it's purely about beliefs and targeting
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of. it does resonate with me you know my grandparents were julius and ethel rosenberg and course they were executed in the one nine hundred fifty s. for conspiracy to commit asti and. that was the charge but really the trial was all about them allegedly having given the secret of the atomic bomb to the soviet union to the russians and while there was a huge outcry of support from many activists across the country and internationally you know huge international movement to support that and to seek clemency there were many others who we would have expected to have been involved in that battle who were afraid and it's not hard to understand why they were afraid given the climate of the times but it's you know it's a history lesson that we can't afford to repeat.
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we have approximately here in the f.b.i. approx one hundred seventy cases that are throughout all of our divisions in the f.b.i. . yes dealing specifically with eco terrorism. we're going to say a word to the questions that were presented. to. us . yes i think that it will probably go it will be international and that's why it's very important that we here in the united states within the federal bureau of investigation ensure that we work very diligently with our international partners
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to ensure that these types of ideologies and crimes do not occur at their home. real source or a mistake to think that in this building just some months ago where hundred and twenty heads of state and the largest gathering all side of the u.n. building and they had they failed to deliver. a deal to stop climate change but the whole world was waiting for about a moment so we dressed up in the eyes evening blown hired street cars bought some toys on the internet blue lights we made some forts numberplates serious zero seven like james bond.
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on the eve of the summit final day june activists with a group greenpeace interrupted a state dinner for over one hundred world leaders at the danish royal palace dressed in formal evening where the couple unfurled a banner of trading politicians talk leaders the action came one day after two activists briefly interrupted the summit finery chanting slogans for climate justice let's be blunt about it. those with power in government and the business sector why engage in mass scale corruption mask and by them include crimes and who act with absolute impunity. and get away with it that is. not. their. what we did most not something different from what we have done before but the twenty one days we go to hear the tension is actually the toughest sentence without
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trial that anyone that greenpeace activists ever have built in europe so it's really a change. i know that i will be charged with something that possibly could give me up to or in principle could give me up to two years. this element of trying to show time. public protest trying to show. peaceful love violent direct action this is phenomenal she wore a white from the u.k. where we've seen preventative arrests where we see attempts crude attempts of police infiltration with the college you movement definitely happens in the us the barely a country that you can point to where this is not happening. to see is this ill is identified by the police as
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a key thing a good ones do especially so before major actions like nuclear waste transport she's under surveillance last time they arrested her before the transfigured to the police took over who had to be physically to take preventive action on the basis of superstitions visit and we think the police went way too far and that the law doesn't cover such a arrests. and therefore visits architecture of x. amount of always enable police to lock up as innocent people that's a lot easier than holding a template trial where i shall fifteen thousand motions bill or grant citizens their right to demonstrate so this will make them be airplanes like on first condition that condition and that's how they do it that's how our basic rights are restricted or are there some day they'll disappear if we don't defend them.
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it takes fifteen to twenty million years for the planet to recover from a major extinction event but the planet has time we don't so this is really about saving ourselves are we intelligent enough to save ourselves or not it's really up to the younger generations to take a stand because we're going to be left holding the bag in the end we're going to have to face the consequences of all the damage that's happened over these past centuries and. we can't wait for somebody else to do it. ah ah. ah. ah ah ah a. bit of
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a. wealthy british. time. markets why not come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our feet. we'll. bring you the latest in science technology from around russia. we've got the future of coverage. he. explains. the greek prime minister says he is ready to scrap plans for a referendum on any new bailout after the proposal sparked an uproar in europe and
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the parliamentary walkout hoed. seeking a consensus with opposition politicians ahead of a confidence vote. there's a reason dominate the first day of the g twenty in france where world leaders have been discussing how to tackle the financial crisis facing the eurozone and prevent a global economic downturn politicians are not the only ones having their say at the g. twenty and to have a police presence thousands of acts of it demanding government to listen to the people and not just big business. in the us running battles in oakland as police and protesters go head to head after a massive occupy demonstration shuts down americans face the largest port dozens of arrests were made and at least one protester was injured after police allegedly fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd the court has now reopened and been declared state by focusing. and britain has reported the helping lead to out finalized plans for a possible preemptive strike on iran's.


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